The Dutch Australian Cultural Centre in Smithfield, NSW would like to share the following information:

17th Century Dutch Maps Exhibition in Foyer of Erina Fair Library, NSW Australia

9 December 2016 to 20 January 2017

The board of the DACC will be presenting a display of 30 full size replicas of 17th century Dutch maps that illustrate the progress of early Dutch mapping of the Australian coastline by VOC mariners and cartographers. Most of the originals of these maps are kept in the National Library but are rarely exhibited publicly. All of this mapping was done 130 – 150 years before James Cook sailed into Botany Bay in 1770. The Great Southland’s mapping by Europeans makes very interesting history.

The secretary of the DACC, Pearl Beach resident Klaas Woldring will be available on Thursdays from 10 -12 AM to provide further information.

About the DACC (Dutch Australian Cultural Centre)

The Centre was established in 1983 by the Federation of Dutch Associations and formed as a company limited by guarantee in 1984. The Centre was formed to establish a central organization with the following two main aims:

1. To preserve the rich history of Dutch contact with, and immigration to, Australia;
2. To set up a resources facility for anyone wanting information regarding the Netherlands, its people and their traditions.

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