Sunday 15th July 2012

birthday candles

Today the girls got to celebrate their 3rd & 5th birthdays – again!  Their actual birthdays were around 2 weeks ago but due to the move we’ve had a few different celebrations with family and friends both in Australia and now here.  Was nice for them to have a chance to celebrate with all their cousins and family here.

They got the ultimate Dutch birthday present – bikes!

girls bikes

There were plenty of willing helpers to learn how to ride:

learning to ride a bike

We had a BBQ though it wasn’t really great weather for it – bit cold and windy but at least the sun was out and we still enjoyed it.

Dutch BBQ

It is nice having daylight until late at night.  I thought the girls would have difficulty adjusting to it but they’ve been really good going to bed at around the same time as in Australia (8pm).  Our sleeping patterns are ok, so jet lag didn’t hit us too hard, but still feel I have a lot of adjusting to do and am tired a lot – heaps to take in each day and we don’t really have a set routine here, it’s like being on holidays at the moment – but with lots of additional planning to do!

We almost got a photo of all the cousins together today:

cousins together

There is just one little uncooperative 3 year old not in that photo….she ran away!

isabella ran away

This post is one in a series about our LIfe in The Netherlands