Friday 20th July 2012

We had a successful shopping trip today – Bas’ parents recommended a local Kringloopwinkel (2nd hand shop) and I’m addicted!  I’ve always been an avid 2nd hand shopper, both as I believe in recycling but also for the great prices.


Though I enjoy shopping at IKEA and will certainly doing a “shopping spree” there once we get the new place, both my husband and I like the older fashioned wooden furniture which isn’t really IKEA style.  Here however, it was everywhere!  We bought this beautiful bookcase for 40 euros.


We also bought this coffee table – brand new, from 250 euros to 50 euros as there are a few minor imperfections!

coffee table

We ended up buying our bed frame there too and a few other bits and pieces.  There were also some other shelves & dining table I wanted and some other stuff Bas wanted – but we just bought what we both agreed on for now and will sort the rest out later!

Both agreed we’d get a more modern washing machine at least…

old washing wringer

This evening Opa and Oma looked after the girls and Bas and I went out for dinner in Schagen.  First we were going to go to the restaurant where we had our wedding dinner, but it wasn’t what we felt like and quite expensive (I mean after all, the price of a meal could be another bookshelf at the kringloopwinkel!).   So instead we took a walk around and found a great little Italian restaurant.


schagen italian

So ended another day of Life in The Netherlands.