Today we started packing up the trailer for the move  to the new house.  We pick up the key tomorrow so getting everything ready to take down.  It’s about an hour and a quarter drive each way and we’ve been back and forth a lot lately…we will probably start sleeping at the new house next week.  ‘Bas’ sister did a “call out” to her friends to see if anyone had things they didn’t want, and we’ve ended up with some beds (which the girls washed down), and some outdoor furniture and a TV for free.  The rest we are buying at “kringloopwinkels” (2nd hand stores).  We would like to buy a house in the near future so don’t want to spend the time and money now choosing everything new as it may not be suitable in the future.  We are still waiting on our shipment from Australia, which will arrive in a few weeks, but we didn’t send any furniture.

Lovely sunny day again so spent the rest of the afternoon in the sunshine writing my diary and reading some books I bought with me from talented people I know in Australia!