Translator Dutch to English

Finding the words to express oneself isn’t always easy in one’s native tongue. It can be even trickier when having to communicate in another language.

A lover of language, translator Kim van Lent relishes the challenge of transforming other people’s (Dutch) sentiments into English – whether it be for an Australian, British or American audience, translating extensive legal contracts, marketing brochures, or even documents such as driver’s licences, university diplomas or marriage certificates.

The appeal for Kim is in effectively using the right tone and skillfully applying the required subtleties and colloquialisms inherent in the text, ensuring the translation maintains the integrity of the communication piece, as well as its context and intended meaning.

Kim also uses his graphic skills by providing translated documents that perfectly mirror the original, absolutely essential in some instances.  This is necessary, for example, when it comes to documents such as diplomas and bank statements.

Born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and a Dutch/Australian father, Kim left the Netherlands at an early age and has spent most of his life in various English speaking countries. He currently enjoys the warmth of southeast Queensland environs, while continuing to retain strong links with the Dutch culture and language and, of course, running his translation business – aptly titled: Dutch to English Translation Services (