Day 06: Friday the 13th

Friday 13th July 2012

I’ve always seen Friday 13th as a lucky day.  We were married on a Friday 13th (in 2005) and today lived up to it’s reputation – Bas got a job!

This of course makes a big difference to our life here.   He’d already spoken to the company from Australia and had a couple of phone interviews, and had a final interview today – and came home with a contract.  With this we can now rent a place to live as well as of course now have a steady income to set up our life here.   Bas is excited about the potential too, one of the main reasons he wanted to move back here is that in his field of aerospace engineering, he felt there were only limited opportunities for him in Brisbane.

While he was at the interview, the children spent some time playing together – there was a bit of sunshine!  I’m so proud of Sophia (our 5 year old), Bas has spoken Dutch to her since she was born but until now she’s not really spoken it (not had much need for it in Brisbane).  However now here with her cousins, we’re amazed at how much she does already know and how motivated she is to learn.


Isabella doesn’t really speak any Dutch at all (she’s 3) but at her age doesn’t really need it to communicate and I’m sure it won’t take her long.   When we were here 2 years ago, Sophia was the same age – for the first 3 weeks of our 4 week holiday she spoke only english but the last week threw in a lot of Dutch as well.


The girls enjoy the daylight after dinner to go outside and play.  However our nephew who was supposed to be in bed wasn’t too happy about the fun going on outside without him!






2 thoughts on “Day 06: Friday the 13th

  1. It’s so good (virtually) “living” this with you, Renée.
    Great ‘telling’ and photos, as always.
    Congratulations to Bas.
    I’m not sure if I can comment: “What a relief”. I guess that this was always what was meant to happen. Where in the Netherlands are you likely to settle?
    Another typically very extra clear blue ‘winter’s day’ here in Sydney, on Friday the 20th.

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