Day 14: Yet another birthday party

Saturday 21st July 2012

pien is jarig

I mentioned in the post Another Birthday Party that my girls had celebrated a few times this year – however this time was not for my girls, their cousin Pien was turning 4.  So that makes her birthday almost smack in the middle of my girls (Isabella just turned 3 and Sophia 5).  Her parents, my husband’s brother, Giel, and his partner, Christa, had moved since I’ve last been to The Netherlands so it was also nice to see their new place..though funnily enough when I say “new” – this is a lovely older style house they’ve renovated.

In The Netherlands I’ve noticed quite a split in house styles – it seems you either live in/prefer “oude” or “niewe” bouw.  (old or new buildings).  A couple of my Australian friends here prefer the old, and they are beautiful, usually with wooden floors, high ceilings and even stained glass windows and often with quite some character.  The new are the much more modern and often the projects I mentioned in  how to rent a home in The Netherlands, where the whole street looks the same.  Anyway this is an oude and they’ve spent a long time doing it up and it’s lovely, my sister in law has very cool taste!

inside house

It also has quite a big garden by Dutch standards and the kids had fun playing, they especially loved the big in ground trampoline.


Was quite funny during the afternoon, Bas indicated to me to come along with my sister in law’s mother.  I follow a lot of the conversation in Dutch but had totally missed this bit – I had no idea her mother lived just a few doors up and when we went to her house she gave us some lovely lamps for our new place!  Just a strange feeling to not really know what’s going on all the time then have what can seem like random things happen…like going up the road from a party to get some lights!  Very sweet how everyone has been offering us stuff for the new place.  We did turn down a lounge from a friend of a friend of my sister in law today though, was not nice at all (but we were polite about it!).

At the party, Pien’s pet rabbit was also a hit – I loved cuddling it until I found out they have really sharp claws!  Unlike Qld where they are illegal as pets, it’s fairly common to have a pet rabbit here.

piens rabbit

One of the most popular tv characters with kids here at the moment is Mega Mindy, so she was well represented at the party with a themed cake…

mega mindy

…and the birthday girl got a costume as a present.

mega mindy pien

We had very traditional Dutch food for an early dinner….kroketten and frikadellen.


dutch food

So that was another day of Life in The Netherlands.


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