Day 15: A real summers day

Sunday 22nd July 2012

So what do you do on a real summer’s day in The Netherlands?  Get your hats, sunglasses, lifejackets and cruise the canals of course!

girls on boat

We’re staying with family in North Holland and they live right on a canal, so today we took the boat out.  Here are our “captains” – Bas’ sister Marieke and her husband Patrick.


Bas and I got to steer for a while as well:

Bas Renee and Windmill

It was a really lovely trip, I took some video I’ll try and edit and add soon.  The kids had a lot of fun ducking down as we went under low bridges! You can see what kept the adults entertained (hint, we took some stubby holders from Australia over for these, apparently stubby holders aren’t common here…I guess because the beer stays cold most of the year!)

kids in boat

We spent several hours out on the water, saying hello to the locals as we cruised by:

curious cow

…and enjoying the pretty scenery…

dutch scenery

…then stopped at a restaurant/playground for a while and had some dinner there…more Dutch deep fried stuff…good thing we’re balancing it out with home grown veges on other days.

dutch deep fried

I found the google maps view quite cool of where we were, in amongst the Dutch fields!

dutch countryside

Though we didn’t need a map…there were signs to follow!

canal signs

And anyway, my husband and his family (and Patrick’s family) have lived in this area for generations so know their way around well.

Wonderful way to enjoy a summer’s day and cruising canals is certainly a highlight of Life in The Netherlands.

5 thoughts on “Day 15: A real summers day

    1. so great to be able to share one of my adventures with you on a blog post after enjoying all of yours!

    1. lovely to see you have some time to read the posts, great to share some of my life here with you. can’t wait to see you in october and Skype soon! xx

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