Day 17: A day alone

Tuesday 24th July 2012

All the family went to the beach today.  I just didn’t feel like it and instead spent a day alone which I think was actually just what I needed.  Just did a bit of research on life here and some writing.  Even found a potential job – I’m not looking too actively yet as I still need to get myself and the girls settled, sort out daycare etc.  However I do really miss working and would love to find a decent job for a couple of days a week.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot advertised in my field – marketing and communications – that is suitable, but this was the first job I have seen since I got here that I think really suits my skills well and I could get excited about.  It doesn’t mention if it’s part or full time but I will put together an application and you’ll see more on the blog if I am successful!  Some other options I’m considering are doing some further study – I’d like to do a masters degree in business – and also relaunch my business  Zestee here once I find my feet and research the market.

Sophia will start school in August and will go 5 days a week though some days are shorter and I think she comes home for lunch every day!  Will have to check that out soon.  Today I rang and found out that Isabella can have a place 2 days a week in a “peuterspeelzaal”.  That’s like kindy, where she will just go in the mornings.  If I do get a job, I will instead hopefully place her for full days in the nearby “kinderdagopvang” for 2-3 days a week.  It does seem really expensive here but I think I might be entitled to subsidies, I need to find out.

Hot day and once the family came back they went for a swim in the canal.  Here’s Sophia having a little kick but afterwards we set up a little paddle pool for the girls.

sophia in canal

Our nephew Jur tackled the crocodiles in the canal…(which we bought him from National Geographic a few years ago) and that’s my sister in law and niece out further.  Funny to think that in January, people were ice skating on this canal!

Jur crocodile

Isabella was given a really neat little water toy she spent ages playing with, with a boat.  Must be her Dutch blood, she really loves water and controlling it.

isabella water toy

These photos also all look like they are taken in the daytime…but it was actually in the evening after they’d been at the beach all day!

We had dinner outside and enjoyed a beer.  I’m not a big beer drinker but do like the Hoegaarden Belgian Witbeer (white beer), it’s a lot lighter-tasting than other beers.


So that is another day of our Life in The Netherlands.


2 thoughts on “Day 17: A day alone

  1. Hee Renee
    Heb je nog foto’s van het zwemmen in de ringsloot voor me?
    groetjes Marieke
    en succes met verhuizen!

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