Day 18: Dutch Car, Job and House

Well, we’ve been here less than three weeks and have now pretty much organised the “big three”.

Dutch Car

Today we picked up our Renault Modus.  Cute little car.  Unfortunately I can’t drive a manual so Bas will be the chauffeur but he chose it and loves it.   This will be the car he takes to work daily and as he’ll have around a half hour drive in each direction each day, he’s excited that it’s a diesel  as it should be cheap to run.  Hopefully after we get other stuff sorted, I’ll look into getting my licence here and get a little automatic car if I get a job.  Meanwhile I’ll be on a bike or public transport.  At least we have a family car now though so don’t have to rely on borrowing his parents any more.  Not a lot of room in the boot but we’ve had a tow bar put on the back as well and it has a roof thing you can put on top.

our car

Dutch Job

We stopped by my husband’s new company today.  He starts next week.  It’s a big global engineering firm and he’ll be in the aerospace division.  I hope to find myself a job soon but first have to get settled in with the girls.

Dutch House

Today we signed the forms at the real estate office and fingers crossed, we’ll get to move into our new house next week.  From the outside, it looks like a tin shed!  But as far as houses go here (at least those within our budget), Bas and I really like it and look forward to making it our home.  We just have to wait for the call from the agent with the go ahead, hate waiting!

new house

dutch house back

I particularly love having a garden.  It’s quite wild at the moment which I like – but I’m sure Bas will be in there clipping stuff asap!

dutch garden

So there you have it, very nearly a trifecta.

Unfortunately poor Sophia isn’t too well at the moment but thankfully nothing too serious.  She has a fever and a rash across her cheeks, neck and arm.  Keeping an eye on her.  We were due to meet up with another Dutch/Australian couple who live in Brisbane and are here on holidays, but their daughter is also sick at the moment.  I’ve been lucky to only have a mild cold, Bas has had a more serious cold and cough and Isabella has been fine.  Often you pick up “new” germs in a new place but we’re doing ok so far, fingers crossed.

Thats the end of another day in our Life in The Netherlands.


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