2018 Zomervakantie – Day 5 Reuttener Seilbahnen

This is post is part of our 2018 Zomervakantie – for an overview of the whole two weeks, visit: https://dutchaustralian.com/2018/08/15/2018-zomervakantie/

We had a relaxed morning at the lodge and then walked for a short distance to the Reuttener Seilbahnen.

Our accommodation gave us a 50% discount card for the return journey making it around 30 euros for a family.

What a delight at the top to hear the cowbells as we stepped out of the cablecar! Then to discover a fabulous obstacle/experience course for families – they encouraged you to take your shoes off (which we didn’t) and walk over different surfaces such as sand, grass, gravel, water and dirt. It really was a picturesque scene to be high in the mountains, watching families just enjoy walking together.

There was a choice of three restaurants/cafes near the peak, we walked downhill a little and chose one that ended up being very family friendly….neat kids “alpine lounges”, a trampoline and a few animals including bunnies and shetland ponies. We shared a tasty apple strudel and had some “worst” (sausages) for lunch. The garnish came as a surprise, I thought it was grated cheese and put around a large spoonful in my mouth – but it was a kind of spicy cabbage I think!

I’m really glad we talked the girls into walking down the mountain instead of the cablecar. It took us around an hour and a half, and was quite challenging on my hips and knees, but was a really lovely experience. Not only was it a gorgeous sunny day, with lots of wildflowers in the fields, you get a real sense of satisfaction looking back on a huge mountain and realising you walked the whole way down!

Afterwards, we were quite tired, so took an afternoon nap. Around 3.30pm we decided to go back for a swim in the lake, at the request of our youngest. On the way there, we saw a lot of cars parked alongside the river leading to the lake, and people all along the banks so we decided to join them instead. We talked to a local lady who said so many people were out this afternoon not only as it was weekend, but it was the warmest the river water had been since around 2003 (at about 22 degrees). It sure felt colder to me and I didn’t swim, but Bas and the girls actually swam across the river, which was a decent distance but with a very mild current. Again, we were surrounded by majestic mountains and the water was glorious shades of blue and green.

Back to the lodge for dinner – leftover pizza from last night! We were joking that it was crazy to be eating pizza in Austria when we were headed to Italy tomorrow…..

Now, we’re all writing our journal entries, me as this blog post, the girls in their diaries. The lights are twinkling on the nearby mountain tops, illuminating the local castle ruins. We didn’t make it to those but perhaps next time. On to day 6…

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