2018 Zomervakantie Day 7 – Parco delle Cascate waterfalls

This is post is part of our 2018 Zomervakantie – for an overview of the whole two weeks, visit: https://dutchaustralian.com/2018/08/15/2018-zomervakantie/

Parco delle Cascate

We took a trip to Molina, a medieval village, and a lovely walk to the waterfalls. Especially on a hot day, it was a great way to spend a few hours. It was about a 45 minute drive, much of the last part was very narrow windy roads, but with lovely views.

Entry to the park was 6 euros for an adult and 4 euros for a child. There is a small shop with ice creams, and reasonable toilet facilities.

The girls enjoyed finding beautiful stones along the way.

Some looked like flint – and then we found an interesting example of how humans lived in prehistoric times, enhancing a natural cave with animal skins – perhaps they even used some of these very stones.

Walking trails were well maintained, and some places had information signs in Italian, English and German.

The waterfalls themselves were lovely. Popular but not too crowded. One even had a swing, though there was a long queue.

It was a pretty but hot walk back from the waterfalls to the village:

So we rewarded ourselves with some tasty Italian gelato!

High recommend! On to day 8…

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