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I have two homes

My daughters and I left The Hague, The Netherlands on 7 December for a holiday and have had the most amazing month on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  You can read more about my connection to both countries and the first five things I did when we arrived (back) in […]

Meet Dutch Australian Lesley Weston

My love affair with the Netherlands started 6 years ago, when I went to Europe from Australia for the first time – on a Contiki tour! My first stop was Amsterdam, before Berlin, Prague, Rome, Florence, Venice, and London. I can remember immediately liking Amsterdam, and that it […]

Day 28: another trip to IKEA

Another visit to IKEA Delft today, where we are now regulars and supporting the wage of at least several staff members I think!  Bas’ two brothers came to help us install more of the light fittings and curtain rods, and put together the new couch. Though his brother […]