Australian Passport

We recently renewed our daughter's passport and received this handy reminder. Check your personal details Keep your passport safe and secure Report loss, theft or damage immediately (in Australia call 131 232 or overseas contact your nearest Australia diplomatic mission or consulate) Before travelling take the the right travel insurance and check For more … Continue reading Australian Passport

Alina Tang: Australian Artist Amsterdam Art Exhibition

Artist Alina Tang is originally from Perth but currently based in Amsterdam - read more about her here: Are you in or nearby Amsterdam? Then read below. If you're not, then you can still enjoy Alina's artwork over on Instagram: Australian Artist Amsterdam Art Exhibition Salamon Art & Design warmly welcomes you to … Continue reading Alina Tang: Australian Artist Amsterdam Art Exhibition

Australian Emergencies and Disaster Management Life in Australia is amazing - but not without risks. Storms, floods, bushfires, heatwaves, tropical cyclones and other threats always hover in the background. I currently live in the Netherlands, but it always saddens me to see reports of these kind of disasters that touch the lives of friends, family and other fellow Australians. … Continue reading Australian Emergencies and Disaster Management

Dutch summertime and wintertime

Image: Twice a year in the Netherlands, clocks are changed for summertime (zomertijd). This happens throughout the EU, where summertime kicks in on the last Sunday in March (clocks go forward an hour in spring) and ends on the last Sunday in October (clocks go back an hour) There has been much discussion lately … Continue reading Dutch summertime and wintertime