2013 Biesland Dagen

We had a fantastic time at the 2012 Biesland Dagen so put the 2013 Biesland Dagen on our calendar long ago.  The Bieslandse Bos is a lovely area nestled in between Delft and the outskirts of The Hague.  Each year the Vrienden van Biesland (Friends of Biesland) organisation hold […]

Kindergarten in Queensland

Kindergarten programs give children the best start to their education. Children who take part in a quality kindergarten program are better prepared for school thanks to the focus on play-based learning and the communication skills they develop at kindy. Your child’s educational experiences will be inspired by their […]

Dutch vs Australian spiders

                        When we lived in Australia, I was always cautious about and quite scared of spiders.  In fact, I shouldn’t be researching this article before bedtime because I’ve just taken a look at the pictures in this […]