Today and tomorrow are public holidays in The Netherlands.  1e & 2e Pinksterendag.  I had no idea what it was for so decided to do some research.  Wikipedia is always handy for this, and here are their entries: Pinksteren (in Dutch) on Wikipedia Pinkster (in English) on Wikipedia […]

The last Koninginnedag

It wasn’t so long ago that I learnt to confidently pronounce and spell “Koninginnedag”!  However today was the last – at least for some time.  Right now I’m listening to the angelic voice of Mirusia sing “Time To Say Goodbye”, dedicated to Queen Beatrix (now Princess Beatrix).  She […]

The Coolest Beaches in Sydney

Australia is renowned for its pristine beaches, many of which are found in and around beautiful Sydney. The Australian Bureau of Statistics puts Sydney’s population at almost 4.4 million people, which means that more than 60 percent of the New South Wales’ population lives in and around its capital […]

Spring is in the air-and it stinks

For those who have followed our journey from Life in Australia to Life in The Netherlands, you’ll know that we’ve now lived for around 9 months in the Netherlands.  About 7 of that has been really cold.  As a Queensland girl, I’ve desperately missed the sunshine and even […]