2012 Taptoe Delft

Every 2 years, there is a unique event in Delft – a Taptoe.  Called a Tattoo in english, the most famous is the Edinburgh Tattoo, which I’ve had the privilege of being present at many years ago.  The Delft Taptoe is essentially a smaller version of this, but […]

Dutch Australian Differences

When your life has been divided between living in The Netherlands and living in Australia, it  seems natural to notice the cultural and general differences between the two countries.  Some are interesting, some insightful and some just plain funny! A few differences are obvious, others more subtle.  Many are […]

2012 Biesland Dagen

This afternoon, we enjoyed a fantastic outdoor event called Biesland Dagen.  It’s organised annually by Vrienden Van Biesland and is held in an area just outside Delft.  For us, it was really convenient, it’s not far from our new home at all. About a 15 minute cycle and we […]

Day 28: another trip to IKEA

Another visit to IKEA Delft today, where we are now regulars and supporting the wage of at least several staff members I think!  Bas’ two brothers came to help us install more of the light fittings and curtain rods, and put together the new couch. Though his brother […]