Caloundra, Australia

What are your favourite places in Australia and the Netherlands? As a Dutch Australian who has lived my life between the two countries, I’m sharing a few of mine. One place that is very close to my heart is Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I was […]

Hier ben ik tevree

Thank you to Dutch Australian Ann Akker Hobbelen for sharing this beautiful poem via our Facebook page (republished with permission). Ann came from Haarlem Holland to Australia in 1952. De meeste van ons zijn hier vele jaren geleden aangekomen Om een beter leven te vinden en het vervullen […]

Meet Dutch Australian Alina Tang

Alina Tang is an artist originally from Perth, Western Australia and currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She works across printmaking, illustration, and floriography for exhibitions, collaborative projects, and commissions. In June 2018 she relocated from her home town for a new adventure and chapter in life in […]