Tip #1 for learning Dutch: use a song

When learning Dutch (Nederlands), I found one great method was to find a song I liked and listen to it over and over. If it’s something you enjoy the sound of then it’s not difficult to do, and just like learning songs in your native language (English for me), the rhythm helps the words stay in your head (even get stuck there sometimes)!

Koala Renee Rescue

What began as a routine shopping trip became a little more adventurous yesterday. On Dohles Rocks Road, Murrumba Downs (near the Tavern), traffic was at a standstill and it wasn’t just the ongoing roadworks – a small koala was running across the road, dodging cars. This is the story of the rescue of a koala that was named Renee…with a lovely surprise ending.

A Dual National Dutch Australian

This blog is to be a collection of my experiences and I hope to also gather stories of others in similar situations about either becoming a dual national, or having connections between the Dutch and Australian cultures. I will write predominately in English, being my native language, though I’m fairly fluent now in Dutch – I can read and speak it well, though am not very confident expressing myself in writing in het Nederlands….though perhaps I can use this blog to try and change that!