Meet Dutch Australian Bonnie Black

I’m excited to have the opportunity to share some interviews with Dutch Australians…would you like to share your story?  Contact us. Today, meet 25 year old Bonnie Black.  Born in Sydney, she now lives in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.  She’s also spent time living in Papua New Guinea and Townsville.  Born and raised […]

Dutchys Bakehouse

Dutchy’s Bakehouse

We live in North Brisbane but are still regulars at Dutchy’s Bakehouse on the Sunshine Coast.  Not only do they provide wonderful Dutch bread but a whole array of other baked goods…along with friendly service. Today they celebrated three years – gefeliciteerd!  There was a great celebration with […]

Tip #1 for learning Dutch: use a song

When learning Dutch (Nederlands), I found one great method was to find a song I liked and listen to it over and over. If it’s something you enjoy the sound of then it’s not difficult to do, and just like learning songs in your native language (English for me), the rhythm helps the words stay in your head (even get stuck there sometimes)!