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Brisbane – a city of culture

As someone who was born in Brisbane (more than 35 years ago now) and having lived here for the bulk of my life, I have the right to be objective about the city. It wasn’t so many years ago that Brisbane used to be known as a city seriously lacking “culture”. However that has now most definately changed.

Koala Renee Rescue

What began as a routine shopping trip became a little more adventurous yesterday. On Dohles Rocks Road, Murrumba Downs (near the Tavern), traffic was at a standstill and it wasn’t just the ongoing roadworks – a small koala was running across the road, dodging cars. This is the story of the rescue of a koala that was named Renee…with a lovely surprise ending.

A Dual National Dutch Australian

This blog is to be a collection of my experiences and I hope to also gather stories of others in similar situations about either becoming a dual national, or having connections between the Dutch and Australian cultures. I will write predominately in English, being my native language, though I’m fairly fluent now in Dutch – I can read and speak it well, though am not very confident expressing myself in writing in het Nederlands….though perhaps I can use this blog to try and change that!