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My girls first snowgirl

It’s been a very “snowy” week!  Yesterday we cycled in the snow and today was the first time the girls ever built a snowman snowgirl.  How pretty is she! First thing this morning I checked the weather on my iPhone – I really shouldn’t do this in winter, it’s even […]

Cycling in the snow

The day I have long-feared is here.  This morning, the girls and I cycled in the snow to school.  It actually wasn’t so bad.  Well it’s easier to write that now I’m sitting on the couch with a hot chocolate. If you’ve not followed my story to date […]

2012 Sinterklaas in Maasluis

Today was the first time I have experienced a Sinterklaas intocht (arrival) in The Netherlands.  It was fantastic!   The previous few years as we’ve been living in Australia, I’ve been fortunate to celebrate with the Duyfkenschool Brisbane at Redcliffe in the brilliant sunshine. This year though, we […]