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Personal posts about life in NL

2012 Biesland Dagen

This afternoon, we enjoyed a fantastic outdoor event called Biesland Dagen.  It’s organised annually by Vrienden Van Biesland and is held in an area just outside Delft.  For us, it was really convenient, it’s not far from our new home at all. About a 15 minute cycle and we […]

Day 13: Kringloopwinkel

Friday 20th July 2012 We had a successful shopping trip today – Bas’ parents recommended a local Kringloopwinkel (2nd hand shop) and I’m addicted!  I’ve always been an avid 2nd hand shopper, both as I believe in recycling but also for the great prices. Though I enjoy shopping […]

Day 09: Schagen

Monday 16th July 2012 We took a trip into Schagen today and showed the girls where we were married!  I’ll have to go back and find some photos of our wedding and do another post soon, as it really was a fairytale wedding – I rode in on a […]