Category: Moving to The Netherlands

Day 11: A new home (nearly)

Wednesday 18th July 2012 I wrote a post a few days ago about How to rent a home in The Netherlands.  Today we went to view properties.  It was quite an interesting experience.  As I think I explained earlier, many rental properties are built and rented out by […]

Day 09: Schagen

Monday 16th July 2012 We took a trip into Schagen today and showed the girls where we were married!  I’ll have to go back and find some photos of our wedding and do another post soon, as it really was a fairytale wedding – I rode in on a […]

Day 08: Another birthday party

Sunday 15th July 2012 Today the girls got to celebrate their 3rd & 5th birthdays – again!  Their actual birthdays were around 2 weeks ago but due to the move we’ve had a few different celebrations with family and friends both in Australia and now here.  Was nice […]

Day 06: Friday the 13th

Friday 13th July 2012 I’ve always seen Friday 13th as a lucky day.  We were married on a Friday 13th (in 2005) and today lived up to it’s reputation – Bas got a job! This of course makes a big difference to our life here.   He’d already […]

Day 05: Delft

Thursday 12th July 2012 Woke up to a beautifully calm and peaceful sunrise this morning (sleeping patterns still a bit messed up, I’m not usually one for sunrise!).   However the weather can change drastically very quickly and by breakfast we had a heavy hailstorm! We left after breakfast […]

Day 04: Inschrijven bij de Gemeente

Wednesday 11th July 2012 Our first full day in The Netherlands.  Woke up to this weather:  Brisbane winter, Dutch summer, can you believe it? After being excited about having Fillet Americans on his dark brown bread for breakfast…. …..Bas arranged for inschrijven at the local gemeentehuis. I had […]

Day 03: Family Reunion

Tuesday 10th July 2012 At around 9am we landed in Amsterdam.   Was quite an emotional moment to realise it was all real.  We were so exhausted after 2 days of travelling.  We got through customs quite quickly then it was a short wait for the baggage before […]

Day 02: Journey across the world

Monday 09th July 2012 This was a transit day travelling from one side of the world to the other with 2 small children.  Our journey started in Moving to The Netherlands – Day 01. Thankfully Isabella slept most of the way on the first leg and Sophia, Bas […]