I am a Dutch student, born and raised here but I want to explore the world! Therefore I have been studying in Canada over the last 6 months, and Australia is my desired next stop. I can’t wait to explore the other side of the world ;)

Hereby I would like to do my internship in Australia next year, but I have difficulties finding one, as people don’t know me yet.  I wonder if anyone knows any Australians that might be interested in a passionate intern for their company? Or do you have any tips regarding companies that I can address?

I can be a valuable asset in the field of organizing, TV and film Production, connecting, PR, networking, promoting, marketing and presenting!

My ultimate dream is to make documentaries that cover societal and cultural elements so I would love to make videos. But I am also interested in organizing and promoting event, politics, charity….any job that I can be of help basically!

To get a better understanding of who I am I created this video:

You can comment below or connect with Tjalina here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tjalina-nijholt-18329739

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