Dutch Music: Groot Hart – De Dijk

Originally from Australia, but now living in the Netherlands, it's taken me many years to learn the Dutch language and to also understand the culture. Music is a great way to do both.  If you're learning Dutch, De Dijk - Groot Hart is a fairly simple song to translate, I'll provide the Dutch lyrics below. … Continue reading Dutch Music: Groot Hart – De Dijk

Stroopwaffels in Australia

Stroopwaffels are a national favourite with coffee in the Netherlands. With so many Dutch people now living in Australia, here's a guide to fulfil any Stroopwaffel cravings in Australia! As Australians have such a hard time pronouncing the original term, they are called "syrup wafers" or "caramel waffels". ALDI ALDI often do a "Dutch week" … Continue reading Stroopwaffels in Australia

2021 Keukenhof opens virtually

As of today, Keukenhof is virtually open. “Unfortunately, visitors are not yet allowed to visit the park themselves,” says director Bart Siemerink. “And because you cannot come to Keukenhof, we will bring Keukenhof to you”. The most beautiful spring park in the world only opens for 8 weeks each spring. It looks different every week … Continue reading 2021 Keukenhof opens virtually

2020 Konings Kersttoespraak and Queens Christmas Speech

Wow, a year already since the 2019 Konings Kersttoespraak and Queens Christmas Speech. And what a year, mostly dominated worldwide by the COVID-19 situation. Christmas is also a very different experience this year, here in the Netherlands we are on a 5 week lockdown. The Netherlands https://youtu.be/xccFteu5fnY United Kingdom (and Commonwealth) https://youtu.be/OZbCRN3C_Hs

Australian Passport

We recently renewed our daughter's passport and received this handy reminder. Check your personal details Keep your passport safe and secure Report loss, theft or damage immediately (in Australia call 131 232 or overseas contact your nearest Australia diplomatic mission or consulate) Before travelling take the the right travel insurance and check smarttraveller.gov.au For more … Continue reading Australian Passport