A warm welcome to Dutch Australian! I’m Renee and you can read more about me here. I began this website in 2011 as a personal blog, and have written hundreds of articles, conducted interviews, shared photos and more – browse all of these via the blog. English is my native language maar ik schrijf soms ook in het Nederlands. If you prefer to read in Dutch (or any other language!) use the Google Translate button in the sidebar. If you’d like to learn Dutch (net als ik!) then you can find resources on the blog.

Are you a Dutch Australian?

Dutch Australian has since become a thriving community with thousands of members.  This is made up of:

  • Dutch Australians with dual nationality, or with an interest in both countries in some way
  • Dutch in Australia (Nederlanders in Australie)
  • Australians in The Netherlands
  • First generation immigrants
  • Second generation immigrants
  • Students
  • Backpackers
  • Anyone I’ve forgotten?  Let me know!

What we all have in common is that there is some link between Australia and The Netherlands in our heritage or daily life.

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