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When I first moved from Australia to the Netherlands back in 2002, a condition on my partner visa was that I needed to take Dutch language lessons and sit an integration exam.  In 2006, the rules changed, and you now need to study for and sit a language and integration exam BEFORE you come to the Netherlands.  !

To make this easier, there is a great website I recently discovered:

Even if you are not planning on moving to the Netherlands or applying for that visa, it’s a really useful place to learn more about the Netherlands and learn basic Dutch.  You can sign up for the free elearning course and work through lessons.

I discovered this via a physical book/cd/DVD pack which I picked up at the library in The Hague.  You can buy this pack online.  However you don’t need the pack – everything is also on the website, for free.  This includes online Dutch lessons, and videos about Dutch culture.  This is the English version but there are also other languages.

1 Engels – Nederland: geografie, vervoer en wonen from Boom Uitgevers Adam on Vimeo.

Remember visa rules can change and though I regularly receive questions via this website about visas – I cannot help you – please visit this website for details on applying for visas:

Have you taken the integration test, or do you need to?  Did you find this website useful?  Comment below or come and chat over on the Dutch Australian Facebook page!







Free 3 week online Dutch course via Future Learn and University of Gronigen

Would you like to learn some basic Dutch online – for free?  Sure, face to face may be the best way to learn for many people, but online is also a good option for some.

Introduction to Dutch, which was developed by the University of Groningen Language Centre, is aimed at prospective students and staff of the University, international professionals who intend to live and work in the Netherlands and people from other countries with an interest in the Dutch language.

The course introduces participants to the basics of the Dutch language, and gives background information on the city of Groningen, the University of Groningen and the region as a whole.

This 3 week online MOOC (Massive open online course) runs on specific dates though and the next doesn’t start until August, with another in November.  The estimated time commitment each week is 3 hours.   You can find out more information and sign up here:

I’m actually writing my Masters thesis at the moment about elearning/online learning and found the Future Learn platform during my research for that.  You can find out more about my study and research here.

Have you followed an online course to learn Dutch?  Please share your recommendations, experiences and comments below or on the Dutch Australian Facebook page.


Dutch TV Episode: Becoming a Mother in Melbourne – Brighton

Dutch TV is a weekly television program on community TV Channel 31 in Melbourne and Geelong (Australia) and Foxtel Aurora (Australia wide). We have been broadcasting for 4 years.  The program is about Dutch people living in Australia and is presented mostly in Dutch with English subtitles so that we can connect to everyone who has a link with the Netherlands.  We cover topics such as Dutch culture in Australia, shared heritage and new topics from Holland.

16 May 2016 episode

You can find out more about Dutch TV and watch plenty of previous episodes here:


YouTube Channel:

Watching Dutch TV is an excellent opportunity to work on learning Dutch.  For the 08 May episode, Carole created a lesson plan which you can work through.