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When I first moved from Australia to the Netherlands back in 2002, a condition on my partner visa was that I needed to take Dutch language lessons and sit an integration exam.  In 2006, the rules changed, and you now need to study for and sit a language and integration exam BEFORE you come to the Netherlands.  !

To make this easier, there is a great website I recently discovered:

Even if you are not planning on moving to the Netherlands or applying for that visa, it’s a really useful place to learn more about the Netherlands and learn basic Dutch.  You can sign up for the free elearning course and work through lessons.

I discovered this via a physical book/cd/DVD pack which I picked up at the library in The Hague.  You can buy this pack online.  However you don’t need the pack – everything is also on the website, for free.  This includes online Dutch lessons, and videos about Dutch culture.  This is the English version but there are also other languages.

1 Engels – Nederland: geografie, vervoer en wonen from Boom Uitgevers Adam on Vimeo.

Remember visa rules can change and though I regularly receive questions via this website about visas – I cannot help you – please visit this website for details on applying for visas:

Have you taken the integration test, or do you need to?  Did you find this website useful?  Comment below or come and chat over on the Dutch Australian Facebook page!






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