Dutch summertime and wintertime

Image: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zomertijd Twice a year in the Netherlands, clocks are changed for summertime (zomertijd). This happens throughout the EU, where summertime kicks in on the last Sunday in March (clocks go forward an hour in spring) and ends on the last Sunday in October (clocks go back an hour) There has been much discussion lately … Continue reading Dutch summertime and wintertime

2019 KLM Urban Trail Den Haag

https://youtu.be/TSnsIAkaRAA On Sunday 7 July 2019, I ran the KLM Urban Trail Den Haag. SO.MUCH.FUN! It's such a great combination of fitness and exploring this amazing city of The Hague, which I'm lucky enough to call home. Last year, I ran 5km in the 2018 NN Urban Trail Den Haag. This year, I did the … Continue reading 2019 KLM Urban Trail Den Haag