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2014 Carnaval in The Netherlands

The whole concept of Carnaval in The Netherlands is not quite clear to me yet.  Spelt Carnival in english but Carnaval in Dutch, you tend to notice something going on at this time of year.  Being a Dutch Australian and living here for a number of years now, […]

I have two homes

My daughters and I left The Hague, The Netherlands on 7 December for a holiday and have had the most amazing month on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.  You can read more about my connection to both countries and the first five things I did when we arrived (back) in […]

2013 Sinterklaas Maasluis

Last year we really enjoyed the 2012 Sinterklaas arrival in Maasluis so headed there again this morning.  It was a cold, foggy morning but that didn’t stop hundreds of parents and children lining the harbour to wait for Sinterklaas’ steamboat. I always enjoy seeing the children all dressed up. […]


This week in The Netherlands, you’re likely to have children knocking on your door.  Why?  It’s part of the kinderpostzegels initiative.  I don’t like it and I’m trying with this post to analyse why.  I’ve just turned some children away, and feel bad, but really don’t like being […]

2013 Biesland Dagen

We had a fantastic time at the 2012 Biesland Dagen so put the 2013 Biesland Dagen on our calendar long ago.  The Bieslandse Bos is a lovely area nestled in between Delft and the outskirts of The Hague.  Each year the Vrienden van Biesland (Friends of Biesland) organisation hold […]