Delft INA (International Networking Association)

Delft INA networking
Delft INA September networking event

When planning the move from The Netherlands to Australia earlier this year, I was excited to see a new english-speaking business networking group pop up in my Facebook newsfeed.  I am a natural networker and feel it’s really important to happiness and success both personally and professionally, especially when you move to a new place.  So I didn’t waste much time making contact with Delft INA (International Networking Association) after we arrived.  I have now already attended 2 events – and have just become a new board member!

You can read more about INA on the website but basically it’s an english speaking group for professionals to come together in Delft to network and learn from each other – my kind of group then!

The first event I attended was a joint one with long term social group The Delftians.  This is an active and friendly group of expats who meet up regularly in Delft.  I enjoyed talking with a number of people….whose names I don’t always remember, that’s one of my networking weaknesses, I need to either see names written or hear them a few times to have them sink in!  Regardless, it was interesting conversation with people of various ages, nationalities, backgrounds and interests, but with this in common – they were all very friendly and welcoming.  Though most were professionals/employed/owned a business, the focus for this event was more social than business.  It was nice to see two different types of Delft networking groups coming together.

The second Delft INA event I attended was last night, held at the Boterhuis, on the Markt, which is a “gezellig” (cosy!) place to meet.  We had a lovely little alcove with a small group and spent a couple of hours talking about lots of different aspects of our lives and businesses.  I’ve attended networking groups with both lots and just a few attendees and enjoy both – with 6 of us there last night, I liked that we had the chance to all talk to each other about issues such as what drives us, how we started a business, challenges we have and much more.

  • Susan is one of the co-founders of Delft INA and is a Video, Design & Online Media Specialist.  She’s originally from Australia but has spent quite a while living in The Netherlands.
  • Lucie has started the Delft Business Consultancy and is also co-founder of Delft INA, founder of Delft MaMa and active in a number of community roles.
  • Marina – is truly multilingual and a A Passionate Linguist with a command of lots of languages!
  • Vivienne – Simply Skin is her business selling a wide range of products she makes herself.  With unique, delicious-sounding products such as “Banoffee Shower Ice Cream”, it seems like the perfect gift to treat yourself or friend!
  • Molly – Molly Quell, online marketing consultant
  • Annegien – blogs, creates beautiful jewellery and much more at Travel Inspire Create
I really enjoyed the evening and looking forward to the next Delft INA event.  Each month is a networking event as well as a workshop.  The September workshop is actually on networking!  Run by Cathy Delhanty, you can read more about The Networking Workshop and hope to see you there on September 24th.  You can prebook by contacting Delft INA.

You can find out more about the group on the Delft INA website, follow the Delft INA Facebook page and also connect with Delft INA on Twitter.

Renee Veldman-Tentori

I’m a Dutch Australian, who blogs about my Life in The Netherlands and shares information, ideas and inspiration with others through this website as well as one on work family balance (Professional Parents).  I am also a social media specialist and offer consulting and training in this area through my business Zestee.


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