Day 24: Last day at my schoonouders

As appreciative as I am to my schoonouders (Bas’ parents) for having us stay for almost a month, I am looking forward to getting our little family into our own place and we move tomorrow!  I can’t drive here at all yet either and am missing my independence.  Though an Australian driver’s licence is valid for 6 months after arrival (after which you then need to sit the exam for a Dutch one), the car Bas bought is a manual, which I can’t drive anyway.  I’m also not familiar with all the road signs etc here and a bit nervous about bikes and trams so I’ll book some lessons after we settle in the new house.

One thing I think we’ll miss is having our meals cooked for us – here’s Isabella enjoying some very Dutch food.  The girls also love the painting on the wall at Oma and Opa’s which they have had for many years and is based on this area where they live.  They have also been doing very well with their Dutch language – they speak English to me and each other but Nederlands with everyone else.  Oma and Bas’ sister were/are teachers so this has also been helpful.   Below is a photo of a very old fashioned Dutch teaching tool!  My Dutch is ok, I’ve been used to hearing Bas talk it to the girls in Australia and his parents came to visit every year.  Again, once I settle in, I’ll look into lessons.



IMG_8876 IMG_8877

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