Day 28: another trip to IKEA

Another visit to IKEA Delft today, where we are now regulars and supporting the wage of at least several staff members I think!  Bas’ two brothers came to help us install more of the light fittings and curtain rods, and put together the new couch.

Though his brother is super tall (over 2 metres), he still couldn’t quite reach the roof, so used a very Dutch solution – a beer crate!


Here’s our new couch:


Wow look at that, a man reading instructions!



I took the kids out for another cycle.  We’ve had beautiful weather.


I’m not truly Dutch – as despite what I wrote in yesterday’s post – I bought Isabella a helmet!  It seems that only very young children have helmets though as I couldn’t find one in Sophia’s size.



We found another playground.  To be perfectly honest, though I’m keeping busy with so much settling in here, I’m still very homesick and probably will be for some time, especially when summer ends here.  What I’m trying to do is consciously find positive things about being here.  Two of them are the ease of public transport and what seems to be a quite kid-focussed society.  I  know both of these things have a lot to do with the specific area you choose to live.  We came from Kallangur, in the far northern outskirts of Brisbane in Australia, and there public-transport was pretty dismal.  Here is fantastic, there are so many options: tram, bus, train and all within relatively easy reach (for us the train is a little further but can be reached on a bike).  With the kids, there are lots of parks and I think this area – Ypenburg – as I mentioned in an earlier post has a high proportion of young families so it’s a nice area for the girls to live.

IMG_9054 IMG_9059

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