My girls first snowgirl


It’s been a very “snowy” week!  Yesterday we cycled in the snow and today was the first time the girls ever built a snowman snowgirl.  How pretty is she!

First thing this morning I checked the weather on my iPhone – I really shouldn’t do this in winter, it’s even harder to drag myself out of bed!  At least they made it look all pretty.  Looked out the window and it was snowing, but not covering the ground yet.  Thankfully, no cycling today – my daughter had the day off school as they were doing teacher training.

weather report

Within about half an hour of consistent snow, this is what the view was like:

winter view

About 10am, the snow stopped and the girls went out to play in it!  For a novice, Isabella picked up rolling snowballs quite quickly.

Isabella making snowball

She even managed to manoeuvre it onto the sled by herself!

pushing onto the sled

Then I helped Sophia add her snowballs and we grabbed some accessories:

Sophia and snowgirl

And there you have it!  She’s still happily sitting out there in the garden this afternoon, even though most of the snow has melted around her.  We’ve also been listening to big clumps of snow fall off the roof as they melt!  We’re hoping for more snow on the weekend so papa gets to go and play in it too – but not next week when we have to cycle to school again.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with autocorrect on this post – it doesn’t like “snowgirl”, keeps trying to change it to “showgirl”!

Have you ever made a snowman?  How old were you when you made your first one?  I didn’t make my first snowman until I was about 20!


13 thoughts on “My girls first snowgirl

  1. That is one fashionable snowgirl!
    I grew up with lots of snow in winter and I do miss it here.
    You are very brave to be cycling in the snow, I am too scared of falling off.

    1. Hi Jelena, she is pretty cool isn’t she! Isabella broke those necklaces the other day but am glad we found a good use for them. It’s not so much being brave as not having any other option right now….I don’t have my licence yet (and won’t until at least February), there is no public transport to school and it’s too far to walk. Not sure how we are going to go when the snow gets more serious. At least they seem to keep the bike paths clear so that makes it a bit safer and easier. Renee

  2. My two are still outside trying to make the most of it. I’m not sure about you, but I drove my children to school this morning and it was horrible on the roads, lots of near misses and sometimes hard to see where the road was and where the kerb was. Definately challenging for an Australian girl not use to driving in snow!

    1. Yes I heard it was hard to drive and I’m nervous about doing that too! But am hoping it’s going to be easier than cycling. PIty there isn’t a school bus to pick them up or something! I’m not sure from your initials if we already know each other? Renee

    1. no unfortunately! we seem to be in a spot where it wont’ work. There is a bus, but to get there we have to walk half way to school already anyway, and the times aren’t compatible with school times. We also have trams to Den Haag and Delft but again, quite a walk and they go in an opposite direction to the school! Thankfully it’s a good school so it’s worth the inconvenience but next year we hope to move closer.

  3. What a gorgeous looking Snowgirl. I love the accessories. I have made many a snowman but none looking as good as this one.

    1. Thank you! It was a bit of a brainwave to use the necklaces, as they were on the floor after my daughter just broke them! Renee

  4. hi! i was wondering why you’re not driving?I moved from NL to AUS and was able to just change licenses,no tests.
    Apparently there is some sort of agreement between the 2 countries?I don’t know if it works the same the other way around as well.

    1. Hi Annette, when was that? I’ve been told on an Australian licence I have to resit the entire test. I’ve passed the theorie but now have to wait 2 months for the practical test, meanwhile am cycling in the snow!

    2. I think it may be different the other way around as it’s more difficult to drive here so they figure if you can drive in NL then you can drive in Australia!

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