Day 23: The big day – keys to our new house

Big day – got the keys to our new house!  We left the girls in North Holland with Oma and left around 11am.  We first dropped by TU Delft to see if any of Bas’ old colleagues were around, but they were all on lunch break or on summer holidays.  Then we went to check out flooring at Leen Bakker and Quantum and decided on some vinyl wood-look flooring.  At 3pm we had the appointment with the real estate agent (makelaar) in Ypenburg to sign the agreement, then at 4pm did the walk through and handover of keys.  Turns out the previous owners not only took all the flooring (which they had to) but also the skirting boards (which they were supposed to leave) so these need to be replaced.  At 4pm, Bas’ father and our brother in law arrived with the full trailer and we started moving in!  It’s a three level house which is fairly typical in this area…and seems the laundry is usually in the attic so it’s a challenge to get the washing machine and dryer up the stairs but thankfully we had help! Finally dinner at IKEA where we bought mattresses.  Back to Bas’ parents place to sleep…we’ll move in on Wednesday (1 August).  On the way back up north, saw some beautiful cloud formations. Is it my imagination or do the clouds sit a lot lower here than in Australia?




IMG_8837-001 IMG_8840-001 IMG_8847-001 IMG_8852-001 IMG_8860-001

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