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Australian, NZ and NL Mental Health Care

Mental health is an important topic to discuss all around the world. It’s been encouraging to see an increase in resources and support over recent years. If you are in Australia, NZ or NL (the Netherlands), you may like to take a look at this information for yourself or those around you.

2019 KLM Urban Trail Den Haag

On Sunday 7 July 2019, I ran the KLM Urban Trail Den Haag. SO.MUCH.FUN! It’s such a great combination of fitness and exploring this amazing city of The Hague, which I’m lucky enough to call home. Last year, I ran 5km in the 2018 NN Urban Trail Den […]

2019 Golden Tenloop Delft

Along with around 5000 others, on 30 May 2019, I took part in the Golden Tenloop Delft. This is an annual race in Delft, the Netherlands that takes part on the Hemelsvaart Day public holiday. This year was the 32nd edition. Around 3 years ago, I started running. […]