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Carnavalsverenigingen in Australie? Carnaval organisations in Australia?

English version below….. Beste Landgenoten in Australië In 1984 schreef ik een boek, getiteld  “Alaaf Carnaval  in Nederland en België”. Daarin heb ik  ook aandacht besteed aan  carnavalsverenigingen van Nederlanders  in Zuid Afrika, Brazilië,  Curaçao. Nieuw Zeeland en uiteraard Australië. Ik ben er in geslaagd met diverse verenigingen email […]

A Dual National Dutch Australian

This blog is to be a collection of my experiences and I hope to also gather stories of others in similar situations about either becoming a dual national, or having connections between the Dutch and Australian cultures. I will write predominately in English, being my native language, though I’m fairly fluent now in Dutch – I can read and speak it well, though am not very confident expressing myself in writing in het Nederlands….though perhaps I can use this blog to try and change that!