Carnavalsverenigingen in Australie? Carnaval organisations in Australia?

carnaval delft
Carnaval Delft 2014

English version below…..

Beste Landgenoten in Australië

In 1984 schreef ik een boek, getiteld  “Alaaf Carnaval  in Nederland en België”. Daarin heb ik  ook aandacht besteed aan  carnavalsverenigingen van Nederlanders  in Zuid Afrika, Brazilië,  Curaçao. Nieuw Zeeland en uiteraard Australië. Ik ben er in geslaagd met diverse verenigingen email contact  te leggen en die hebben  me ook informatie  verstrekt  en fotomateriaal ( foto’s van Prinsen , van onderscheidingen ed) Maar ik mis er nog een aantal. Verenigingen die ik niet heb zijn de Duimstokken, de Swallows,, de Wombats, de Westernport koalas . Kunt u mij verder helpen?

Het boek  komt op  11 November uit, dus het is kort dag.

Mocht u  geïnteresseerd  zijn in het boek, laat me dat dan ook even weten. Het zal ca 240  pag.  tellen en excl. verzendkosten 29 E   kosten

Bij voorbaat dank  voor uw hulp

Theo Fransen


In 1984, I wrote a book called “Alaaf Carnaval in The Netherlands and Belgium”.  I also included information about Carnaval organisations of Dutch people in South Africa, Brazil, Curacao, New Zealand and Australia.  I have managed to contact a number of organisations and obtained photos and information, but I still do not have contact details for a few.   The ones in particular I’m looking for contact details for are  de Duimstokken, de Swallows,, de Wombats, de Westernport koalas.  Can you help?

The book is due to be published on the 11th November.

If you have interest in buying the book, please contact me, it will be about 240 pages (plus postage) and will cost 29 euros.

Contact Theo via our website and we’ll forward the message to him.

2 thoughts on “Carnavalsverenigingen in Australie? Carnaval organisations in Australia?

  1. Theo has also asked the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre for assistance with his research and some deeper “digging”, i.e., research is required. Unfortunately, in this case, I have moved out of my parents home (again) some time ago, where there were still old Dutch Weeklies and newsletters from the various clubs, including the Netherlands Society in Bankstown, of which my late father was the chairman, for 12 years and in that capacity with my mother he was invited to the ceremonies when ‘new princes’ were ‘inducted’ (?) As we came from Gouda, ‘carnavals’ were not something that we were ‘into but my parents were honoured and enjoyed being invited to the festivities. I hope that there are others of my ‘vintage’ around who can assist Theo.

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