Dutch Licorice in Australia at Lollyworld


Are you a Dutchie in Australia missing the taste of Dutch licorice?  Did you know that you can probably find your favourite Dutch Licorice at Lollyworld, who deliver Australia wide?

You can read more about the history of Licorice (also spelt Licorique) on Wikipedia.  Also known as “Drop”, Dutch Licorice typically appeals to the taste of those from Holland and Europe although we are starting to see Australians embrace the sweet salty taste.  For those that don’t know about Dutch Licorice it normally is a salted variety and certainly gives a kick to those not used to it. In saying that there is also a sweet range that includes the Fruit Rockies, Fruit Sticks and Pigs. The big favourites are Black Licorice Coins, Black Cats, Double Salt Licorice and Salmiak Rockies.  For those that cannot decide we have a Dutch Licorice Mix with a taste of all our Dutch Licorice range.  Predominatly our Dutch Licorice is K&H (Kraepelien & Holm), and also including Meenk and Katja.

At the Brisbane Lollyworld store you can buy just one small bag, 1kg bags or even bulk boxes of Dutch Licorice. The bulk boxes are great value if you have friends you can share with or you just really like Dutch Licorice.

You can typically find:

  • Black Coins
  • Brown Coins
  • Double Salt
  • Large, Medium and Small Diamonds
  • TV Pastilles
  • Triple Salt
  • Black Cats
  • Salted Herrings

…and more listed on the Lollyworld website and instore.


Browse the range at

Lollyworld can deliver Australia wide or you can visit the Brisbane shop at:

6 Ebert Pde
Lawnton, 4501
Brisbane, Qld
07 3285 6559

Let Andrew know you read about him on the Dutch Australian website!

Do you like Dutch Licorice?  Let us know in a comment below.

Large-Salty-Diamonds-Lollyw K&H-Salmiak-Rocks-Dutch-Lic Lollworld Watermark Dutch-TV-Pastilles


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