Dutch Club NAQ (Queensland) Open Day 22 July 2012

Are you in Brisbane?  Bring the whole family along for the Open Day this Sunday 22nd July.  Information provided by the Dutch Club NAQ at 123 Pine Road, Richlands, from 10am.

  • BBQ Food ( bratwurst + sauerkraut) and bread roll free.
  • Coffee + tea free + free glass of beer  or soft drinks.
  • Kite making for the kids and grown-ups. Kids can do the decorating of them.
  • Old fashion games:
  • Kaatsen (Handball Australian style)
  • Hinkelen  – Hopscotch’s (Children’s game)
  • Finger painting
  • Balloon estafette
  • Crafty things to make.
  • Colouring in.
  • Shop will be open for Dutch groceries.

Gate open at 10 am Info: Lucy 07 3345 5709 or mobile 0411 152 270

Card competition –  Carom Billiards competition

One billiard table available to play a casual game for visitors with some skill.

Info card & Carom Billiards competition : Jan Nelis 3279 8164


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