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Articles and events of interest to Australians in The Netherlands

A Successful 2016 Keukenhof Season

LISSE — Keukenhof ends a wonderful 2016 season with 1.1 million visitors. The visitors appreciated the flower show and rated it with an 8.9. The most beautiful spring garden in the world is satisfied with this result. 2016 is the third consecutive year that Keukenhof has attracted over […]

2016 ANZAC Day in The Hague Invitation

For Australians and New Zealanders in the Netherlands who would like to commemorate ANZAC Day, there is a ceremony being organised by the Australian and New Zealand Embassies.  Details are below, and *please RSVP by 18 April* I’ve attended several times now and it’s always a moving ceremony. […]

Losing Dutch nationality – Bob’s warning

Bob, a member of the Dutch Australian community, emailed recently asking me to warn about the potential of dual nationals losing Dutch nationality if they do not extend their passport.  Here’s his dual-language warning!  Bob has lived in Australia but is now back in the Netherlands: “….nu weer in […]