Down Under – The Festival, Eindhoven The Netherlands

This website covers anything related to the Netherlands and Australia (and the link between the two), so when I saw there is a Down Under Festival coming up, I thought it must be a celebration of Australian music in Eindhoven.   Their horizontal banner certainly screams “Australia”:


This one though is a slightly more strange mix of images, not many of which reflect Australia to me – you?


It looks a little more “Aztec” to me but I should be wrong – how many Aussie (and non Aussie) items can you spot?

Advertising for the previous years is also very Australian-image focussed:



Their website: shows that it’s a house/trance dance festival, but it’s not clear where the DJ’s are from.  I’ve done a bit of Googling:

  • Billy the Kit: Dutch
  • Fox Stevenson: British
  • Shermanology: Carribean/Dutch
  • La Fuente: Dutch
  • RAM: Dutch

I’ll give up there, maybe there is an Aussie DJ hidden in the lineup but if it’s a “Down Under” Festival I would have thought you’d make a point of this?

Their promo video is interesting too:

It’s in English, I guess tying in the with Australian theme, and with “vast sweeping plains” – but which could, to me, just as easily be as African as Australian to me – would you agree?  The voiceover is: “Be prepared, in a world where earth as we know it, does not exist.  To save his people, the world is no longer as you remember it?” Um, what?   Any interpretations?!

I’m not aiming to diss the festival, it looks like fun, I’m just a bit confused!  At 40 years old, with two kids, I’m a little past the target market for this outdoor festival, so maybe I’m missing something.  Have messaged them on Facebook to ask.  Perhaps as I’m both an Australian in the Netherlands and a marketing lecturer, I’m just really curious why they market it this way?  Maybe as Australia has the “cool factor”?  Maybe the team behind it are Australian?  What’s your guess?

I wonder if anyone has turned up kind of wondering where the didgeridoos, kangaroos and meat pies are?

If it looks like your thing, you can buy tickets here: 

Groupon also has a special on tickets for the next few days here 




2 thoughts on “Down Under – The Festival, Eindhoven The Netherlands

  1. Hi, I’m not sure but I think that this might be organised by my cousin Astrid Esders. She lives in Nijmegen.and runs the Hard Rock café. I don’t know her all that well (I lived in nederland for a year in 1977 and met her then and a couple of times since) but she has always been facinated by Austlaia and used to do fundraising for the Australian flying doctor series. She said to me that she became interested because she has Aussie cousins. If she isn’t the organiser I believe she’ll know who is. Our fathers are brothers. Mine moved to Oz and hers stayed n Nederland

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