2011 Duyfkenschool Brisbane Sinterklaas Celebration

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Redcliffe with blue, blue skies.  Each year, the Duyfkenschool Brisbane organise a wonderful cultural day for their students. I’ve been lucky to attend for several years now and have taken photos for the Holland Focus magazine.  This year, I was increadibly privledged to be able to actually journey on the boat with Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet.  A huge thank you to skipper, Jeroen, from Dutchy’s Bakehouse.  We met him at Scarborough Harbour and made sure Sinterklaas would know which boat was his…

(oh and for those “non Dutchies” – if you’d like to know more about Sinterklaas – who was actually the basis for Santa – check out this Wikipedia article on Sinterklaas)

Soon they arrived, and we were off…hold onto your hair & hats!

After an exhilirating ride, surrounded by endless sea & skies…

…we arrived at Redcliffe Pier to a chorus of excited children (and parents who were just as excited I think).

The Zwarte Piets distributed pepernoten into little outstretched hands…

…and Sinterklaas waved and shook hands with the children.

The procession continued down the pier…

…to the RSL club, where the Duyfkenschool students continued their celebrations…

What a wonderful event which I’m sure the families will remember for a long time.  I will certainly never forget my boatride with Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet!

For more photos head over to the Dutch Australian Facebook Page and click on “photos”.

Renee Veldman-Tentori





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