Meet Dutch Australian Lucas Spoel

lucas spoel

This article is part of a series sharing the stories of Dutch Australian people.  Today I have the pleasure of introducing Lucas Spoel.  Here is his story and email interview.  This is in his own words and I particularly enjoyed reading his mix of Nederlands and English – that’s how our family tends to communicate at the moment, so came across totally natural to me!


I was born in Amersfoort in 1961. I have five brothers and four sisters and one sister lives in the U.S.A, one lives is Germany and myself live on the Gold Coast, Queensland. I was at the Maria school in de Muurhuizen in Amersfoort die toen afgebroken is en toen de J.F. Kennedy Basis school in Amersfoort. Daarna naaar de MAVO in Soest en Eemland College Noord in Amersfoort. Toen de SBBO in Nieuwegein waar ik  mijn koks opleiding volgde. From the age of sixteen I have been working in the HORECA as a chef. Ik heb in verschillende restaurants gewerkt o.a De Witte in Amersfoort (bestaat al niet meer), De Botehoeve in Noordeloos (heet nu De Gieser Wildeman). Through my work I travelled overseas from the age of 24. I first travelled to New Zealand where I worked at Cin Cin on Quay, Hyatt and Kermadec and in 1996 I came to Gold Coast, Australia and loved it from day one. I am still travelling through my work to different countries and currently am posted in Japan. I have been in Asia-Pacific for the last 27 years. Although I always will be a “Hollander” I definitely call Australia my home and have totally adapted to the Ozzie lifestyle.

  • Place of birth: Amersfoort, the Netherlands
  • Current place of residence: Nagoya, Japan (but home is Gold Coast, Australia)
  • Previous place/s of residence: Korea, Singapore and New Zealand
  • Connections to Australia: Australia is my home and moved here many years ago.
  • Connections to The Netherlands: Born in the Netherlands and family lives there
  • What is your level of fluency in English/NL? Fluent
  • Family background: Large family with 10 children
  • What are your feelings about Australia? Love it, love it, love it. It’s has been my home for many years. I travel a lot with my job but I call Australia home.
  • What are your feelings about The Netherlands? Always good to go back for a holiday and of course I am always and always will be a Hollander but would not want to live there.
  • Depending on which country you are based in, do you visit Australia/The Netherlands at all? Yes I do.
  • How do you communicate with family in the other country?  How regularly? Mostly via email, Facebook or Skype. Sometimes a phone call. Facebook quite regularly and email. Skype once in a while.
  • Do you celebrate Dutch/Australian holidays/traditions if you are living in the alternate country? No not really but perhaps I should.

Thank you to Lucas for taking part.  Would you like to share your story?  Please contact us!

One thought on “Meet Dutch Australian Lucas Spoel

  1. Easy to identify except re celebrating Dutch and Australian traditions. I find the Sinterklaas / Christmast traditions such fun and ‘comforting’ events.
    I so enjoy playing the Sinterklaas songs in Petersham Park and about three weeks later, avoiding swallowing the three-pences in the Christmas pudding, with daughter, son and their mum.
    Good one, again, Renée!!

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