Bent u al donor? Are you a donor?

In both The Netherlands and Australia, you have an option to become a donor.  I picked up a flyer reminding me of this in The Netherlands, and realised that though I was registered while living in Australia, I have not yet done so in NL.  If you have moved between the countries, you might like to also update your preferences with the relevant organisations.

2016 update – there is now an English section on the website, interestingly with an ex-Australian as a spokesperson (this section of the website below is in English but video still in Dutch!)


In The Netherlands, register at
Donor Register NL

In Australia, the website is

Donate Life website

Both websites have a huge amount of information, so take a look through.

I’ve just registered on the NL site with my Digi-D number.  Here are the choices you have here:

donor choices NLIt’s a really simple process and took me literally about 2 minutes – which could make a big difference to someone, someday.

Ultimately, it’s your choice in both countries and something you should consider discussing with your family.


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