Greg Shapiro presents Brendon Burns – Australian comedian touring The Netherlands

Grey Shapiro presents Brendan Burns

Brendon Burns is an Australian comedian touring the Netherlands shortly as part of the “Greg Shapiro presents…” series.  I had the pleasure of talking with Greg recently at the Feel At Home in The Hague Fair, and bought his great new book “How to Be Orange“.  Hilarious and a separate blog post coming soon.

Back to Brendon.  Between Thursday 3rd October and Friday 11th October 2013 there are eight shows throughout The Netherlands – Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Almere, Utrecht and Enschende and Eindhoven.   “Brendon Burns is notorious for his scandalous shows and unapologetic views whilst remaining intensely and oddly lovable,” explains the promo material and I think the video below gives a good example.   It’s a great observation of the Dutch through an Australian’s eyes – and I love that it’s complete with both accents.  Not for the feint hearted but very perceptive:

A regular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since 1996, he won the top prize there in 2007 and has a long list of performances and live recordings.  If you’re an Australian in The Netherlands, now’s your chance to see him perform in October. You can see the full Greg Shapiro presents Brendon Burns schedule and order tickets here.

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2 thoughts on “Greg Shapiro presents Brendon Burns – Australian comedian touring The Netherlands

  1. Did you see me in that video? I’ve seen him a few times here in Amsterdam and already have my tix for the Almere show. He’s really great. Confronting and a bit in your face, but great! Highly recommended. As is Greg Shapiro, of course.

    1. Yes I did! Right in the beginning! I paused it to check and was pretty sure it was you. Yes, I agree with in-your-face from the YouTube clips I’ve seen but I think this in itself seems to be quite a unique experience to be able to have, and he has a real talent to “walk on the edge” and still bring laughs & insights from the material. Renée

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