Tania de Jong – TEDxMelbourne – How Singing Together Changes the Brain

Tania de Jong TEDx Melbourne
Image source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_HOBr8H9EM

I’m a huge TED and TEDx fan – if you’ve not yet watched any of these incredibly inspiring talks, visit TED.com to find out more.

Last year, we interviewed Dutch Australian Tania de Jong and I’ve just watched her TEDxMelbourne talk on How Singing Together Changes The Brain.  I’d highly recommend you watch it too, this 20 minute video is full of simple but valuable information that could change your day – or even your life!

Have you sung today?  As Tania says, many people – myself included – at some stage in our lives label ourselves.  “I can’t sing”.  So I didn’t.  However once I had children, this changed.  My babies didn’t really care if I was self-conscious singing them lullabies or nursery rhymes – they loved it.   Slowly I stopped worrying about what I thought about my singing and instead I now sing regularly with and to my children.  One of the delights I enjoy regularly is listening to my 6 and 4 year old make up their own songs!  After watching this video, I’m going to sing more, are you?

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