The Nuclear Security Summit 2014 The Hague


If you live in The Hague, you will be noticing a number of signs and barricades popping up in preparation for The Nuclear Security Summit 2014 The Hague.  Click on the image above to visit the extensive website and the video below gives a quick overview.

You can also read more about The Nuclear Security Summit on Wikipedia.  Held on the 24th and 25th March 2014, the Summit will host world leaders and security is tight.  Here are some barricades which have appeared at the Haagse Bos:

Nuclear Security Summit
Photo: Nathalie Van Hees

There are also signs warning people not to park their bikes or motorbikes in certain areas or they will be removed:

Nuclear Security Summit
Photo: Deborah Valentine

I drove by Europol last week for a meeting nearby and already had to take a detour due to huge glass barriers along one side of the road.

There are some more welcoming measures being taken, I’ve seen some lovely flags “advertising” the summit not far from where I live (in the outskirts of The Hague) and these international flags were spotted on the N440, no doubt representing the participating countries:

Photo: Nathalie van Hees
Photo: Nathalie van Hees

Travel throughout The Netherlands is likely to be affected on the days of the summit (24 & 25 March) with the website warning of delays for motorists driving between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and of course The Hague.  Sections of The Hague will be blocked off completely.  You can visit the traffic measures and accessibility details on The Nuclear Security Summit website, but basically if you don’t need to travel to/from/within The Hague on the 24th & 25th March 2014 – don’t.

Personally, I don’t know much about nuclear energy but I can understand the need to control it.  You can read an entry over at wikipedia about Nuclear Power if you’d like to know more.  My husband studied at TU Delft and I remember him pointing out a nuclear reactor there (not far from where we live now) – which is part of the Technical University Reactor Institute Delft .  No doubt some of that faculty will be involved in the summit.

I’ve now been a resident of The Hague for around 20 months and am beginning to love this City of Peace and Justice.  With institutions like The Peace Palace, the International Criminal Court, Eurojust and the International Criminal Tribunal, the city conducts an important role as a facilitator of a more peaceful and just world.  Particularly now, as the mother of two young girls, that’s the kind of world I want to live in and for my children to grow up in, so I guess a couple of days of inconvenience and barriers is worth it!

What are your thoughts on The Nuclear Security Summit 2014 The Hague?



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