2014 Shell Energy Lab Rotterdam


IMG_4628 I discovered this event by mistake today – but am very glad I did!  As I have my own business in The Netherlands (as a freelancer via Zestee Social Media), I received an invite from the KVK (Chamber of Commerce) to a networking event in Rotterdam this morning.  That was part of their great Livewire programme, supporting innovative entrepreneurs.  Firstly, I enjoyed presentations from Arthur, author of “Startups and downs” who shared both sides of running a business – the success and failures, and the fine line between.

Next, we were taken on a guided tour of the Shell Energy Lab next door.  It was HUGE and full of school groups learning all about energy in incredibly fun ways!   My children are 4 and 6 years old and I get really excited about the opportunities they have for education, and I know they would have loved to have been with me today but were at school.


If you’re in The Netherlands, this free energy expo is open to all until this Sunday 18th May – register online at www.shellenergylab.nl for fast-track entry.  I’d highly recommend going and taking a look and taking the kids.  It’s held at the Rotterdam Ahoy….take public transport.  I think this could be an annual event so will plan to take the kids next year.


I spent a couple of hours exploring the exhibits and watching and experiencing all the energy!  Part of the event was the Shell Eco Marathon, where young innovators from all around Europe compete to build the most energy-efficient vehicle.

What I enjoyed most is how interactive everything was.  Being a social media trainer, I was also excited about the technology side of things, particularly the fact we all got this cool “Lab Pass” to Tap. Collect. Replay.  – you scanned the pass around the event to “gather souvenirs” to “take home” – so you logged into the site with your unique card.  Most of the content can still be viewed

I also took the chance to get this cool photo with a green screen:

port of rotterdam

I also took this selfie (and entered to win an iPad mini):


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